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William Goes Camping | Tyler State Park

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time now, you probably know that we love camping and camping road trips are kind of our jam. Every year on Easter weekend, the Burns clan goes camping at Tyler State Park with a group of other families from Tyler’s parent’s Sunday School class. It’s been a tradition in the Burns family for over 20 years. Tyler’s been camping ever year since he was a toddler. Shockingly enough, we’ve never blogged one of our Easter weekends before, but now that this year was William’s first one, we knew we had to!

We know this is basically just a blog post of William, but we’ve accepted that, haha! We had a great time and William loved being outdoors. (Banjo couldn’t complain either, haha) The whole crew was happy, and it was the smoothest trip we’ve ever had. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. It’s kind of just the nature of camping, and being outdoors all weekend long. Last year Tyler had a MAJOR allergic reaction, and we ended up in the ER. So compared to that, this year felt very uneventful to be honest. We just did all the typical camping things – hiking, hanging out, playing games, lots of quality time, and of course nightly campfires. We tried InstaFire, which we saw on Shark Tank, because our firewood was too wet, and we were impressed – it worked!

This year we had to upgrade from our tiny pop up tent to a full size family pop-up tent. It seriously felt like a hotel in the woods compared to our old one!

“Say whaaa?” This right here is what we call, Mom didn’t think it would be this cold and forgot my mittens. Socks on hands work just as well! Haha! And we ran to Walmart and got this wearable blanket because it was freezing at night, and the heater in our tent did not keep up!

We tried putting William on Tyler’s Dad’s (Pops) back but he was NOT a fan.

Once we got going on the hike, he calmed down and started enjoying it.

“Uncle Carter, it’s time to wake up!”

On Friday night we go to the Good Friday service. William loved the music!

And here’s the whole group!

Is he not the cutest Easter bunny you’ve ever seen?!

Every year on Saturday night, we take a break from cooking and go out to eat.

William always cracks us up. Whenever he eats something new, even if he likes it, he makes this ridiculous face!

After the Easter Sunday service we always go to Cracker Barrel for brunch before starting the trek back home.

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