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Our Surprise Trip to Albuquerque

Lately we’ve been finding that staying on top of editing our own personal photos is harder and harder these days! But we’re working on catching up, and our recent trip to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta is too gorgeous NOT to share! For several years now, actually since we’ve been dating, I’ve told Tyler that I’ve always wanted to go to a balloon festival. It never worked out that we were available for the local ones because we always had weddings – surprise, haha! But Tyler filed that dream away and surprised me this year with a trip in October to The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas!  We just had William, so it was our first big family road trip, and he handled it like a champ! William was only 2 months old, and he was an awesome road tripper! He loves car rides, so he slept a lot of the time, and I hung out with him in the back seat so he wouldn’t feel lonely. Tyler PERFECTLY and so precisely packed our car so that I could switch between the front and back seat whenever I wanted.

Going to Albuquerque of course meant we had to pay tribute to one of our favorite shows of all time – Breaking Bad! So on day one, we stopped by the car wash and Walt’s house! We’re those people that get REALLY into our favorite TV shows, haha! We’ve visited some of the filming locations for The Walking Dead in Atlanta as well!

The next day we did a styled shoot with some local New Mexico vendors at The White Sands National Monument! Tyler wore William while I shot, and he was a rock star still! We had really great weather that day, it was actually a bit toasty! We can’t wait to share more of this shoot soon – it was a a blast!

On Saturday, we were up before the sun to see the morning session of balloons take flight. It was a chilly morning, colder than we were expecting, but William was a trooper! First though, they had a laser show to entertain everyone, and it was pretty fun! Haha!

All throughout the morning, there were hundreds of balloons going up, and we literally got a front row seat, and I do mean FRONT ROW seat! That fire felt good, we were so cold!

It was such a surreal feeling! There was just so much color everywhere, and the balloons felt so magical!

This is what the park looked like, lots of vendor tents with balloons everywhere!

William slept through most of the excitement, in typical two month old fashion.

Why yes, Canon, we will take you up on your corny photo-op! ;) Don’t worry, this was inside and in the afternoon after the temperature had warmed up quite a bit!

Later that morning, I started feeling really sick and got some sort of stomach bug. I think we pushed ourselves too much from the day before with the White Sands shoot, and being up so early. We took the afternoon off to rest in our hotel room, and got some Gatorade and crackers….yeah, it was bad. Haha. We had tickets to go to the evening session and didn’t want to miss it, so we pushed ourselves to go. Tyler started feeling super super sick though, so we decided to leave early. Lucky for us, the balloon ascension had been cancelled because the wind was too strong, so we didn’t miss anything good!

On our last morning, we drove up Sandia Crest for a gorgeous view at sunrise. Not gonna lie though, William and I stayed in the car because it was sooo cold, and I did not have enough layers for him. So we watched from the car while Tyler flew the drone and took some gorgeous pictures!

All bundled up as best he could at the top of the mountain, haha!

The view of Albuquerque from the top of the mountain.

On our not-so-direct-way back to Texas, we stopped in Santa Fe for one quick pit stop.

We had heard about this chocolate shop in Sante Fe, called Kakawa, that served pure chocolate shots and knew we had to try it! Yes we drank chocolate! And it was just as awesome and a rush of sugar as it sounds!


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