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Nick + Payge | Destination Engagement Session | Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

It’s been a hot second since we blogged an engagement session. (Oops!) But we can’t think of anyone better to share right now than Nick and Payge! We are kind of low-key obsessed with these two! I threw out the crazy idea of going up to Oklahoma to Wichita Mountain to these two, and they were like “OHMYGOSH, we love that place! We’ve camped there!! Let’s do it!!” And there was reason number 234 why I love Nick and Payge! Among the many other reasons being that they love camping like we do! ;)

The last time we were at Wichita Mountain, it was for our own maternity session, and we got rained out after only 45ish minutes. Womp-womp. But we had the most perfect weather this go around, and I was seriously grateful beyond belief! Nick and Payge are getting married in September at The White Sparrow, and we’re counting down the days to kick off our fall season with them!

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