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Bumpdate #5: Our Maternity Session

It feels like SO much has happened since the last bumpdate! We finished childbirth class, which I joke is slightly terrifying because that means we supposedly “know everything”! We also FINALLY got to take our maternity photos!! It was such a wild ride of rescheduling after so many rainy days! We went to Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma only to suddenly be rained out after shooting for just 45 minutes! It was storming so much and happened so quickly, so unfortunately we had to go home, which was such a letdown. I was so excited to shoot in such a cool place, but Elisabeth was such a sweetheart though, and we finished our session the following week in Dallas.

I’m 36 weeks, and we’re less than a month away from his due date! I keep telling myself though that he doesn’t come all of the sudden just because I’m due. So I know August is mentally going to be a loooong month. We’re officially clear of sessions and weddings, and my calendar feels soo empty – it’s kind of weird!


Our maternity photos!! I’m obsessed! Elisabeth did such a great job and I feel so beautiful when I look at them!

Watermelon…still! Haha!

The teepee in baby boy’s room! I just love it so much!

Progessence by Young Living has been a life saver! It’s helped balance my hormones to keep me from feeling like a crazy person!


Pregnancy insomnia like the one that’s keeping me up right now as I’m writing this! ;) It’s 1:30am, and I’m wide awake yet completely exhausted.

Having to pee the second I stand up from sitting down.

Trying to walk on the treadmill at the gym only to realize I need to pee…even though I just peed before I got on.

Trying to agree on a middle name…y’all it’s hard. We like a certain middle name but we both want to spell it differently! AHH!

Getting bad tummy aches when little man decides to squeeze my stomach…or at least that’s what it sure feels like. :(

The amount of sweat experienced just by checking the mail at the end of our driveway. I loathe July and August.

Movement: I’m pretty sure little man has learned how to do somersaults. Some days they feel cute…other days not so much. Haha! He hasn’t had the hiccups in a long time though, I miss those!


Nesting has definitely kicked in. I constantly feel the desire to clean or organize something! Haha!

I experienced my first swollen feet and felt like the epitome of being pregnant in the summer at our last wedding!

Best part of the week: Finishing our last wedding before he arrives! That felt like such a big milestone while simultaneously feeling like “OH CRAP! IT’S COMING!”

Worst part of the week: My INSANELY pathetic swollen feet after last weekend’s outdoor wedding. I have never felt more pregnant than when I looked at my feet. Thankfully this was the only time I’ve felt that miserable after a wedding, and it was my last one so it’s all good! When we got back in town from San Antonio, I spent like 6 hours on the couch trying to get the swelling down! Thankfully my feet are fine now, and I’m so thankful! I was starting to loath that I could only (barely) wear flip flops.

Missing most: I still miss sleeping on my tummy and iced coffee, especially with it being summer! The past few times I’ve been to the grocery store, I’ve put it in my cart and then talked myself off the ledge and taken it back out. My midwife would be so proud but man, it was hard!

Can’t wait for: Finishing the nursery! We’re done with weddings and shoots, so it’s GO TIME, and we get to finish off the registry and get his room DONE!

And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without showing off our beautiful photos from Elisabeth Carol!

Y’all. This photo SLAYS ME. Isn’t Tyler’s face just the sweetest?!

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