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10 Things You May Not Know About Tyler

Last week, you learned a few things that you may not have known about Lindsey.  Well this week it’s my turn, so here we go! When I was a kid, I was the world’s biggest James Bond fan.  Growing up though, I’ve realized the rest of the world (to their loss) doesn’t share the same love that I had for 007.  But that’s unfortunate for the rest of the world, becauseREAD MORE

10 Things you may not know about Lindsey

Something we’re always striving towards in our business is to get to know our couples better.  I mean, out of all the vendors you’ll work with on your wedding day, it’s usually the photographer and videographer who you’ll be with the longest on one of the happiest days of your lives!  So we absolutely love it when a consultation goes on for an hour and a half, and weREAD MORE

We’re going (back) to Maui!

Tyler and I honeymooned on the amazing island of Maui back in 2013 just after getting married and had the most amazing time! We never expected to be able to go back so soon, but the Burns family decided to take a vacation there this year and of course we couldn’t turn down the invitation! Things will be quieter around here, and we won’t be able to answer emails or calls, butREAD MORE

Happy 4th of July! | Fireworks Tutorial

Happy Independence Day everyone!  ‘murica!  Each year my family (Tyler’s) camps out together in the most optimal field for fireworks at Kaboom Town in Addison, and each year is full of traditions such as flag cakes, fun games, lawn chairs, and of course, fireworks! This year we gathered along one of the roads near Addison Airport where we enjoyed a mini-airshow and all the Sonic youREAD MORE