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10 Things you may not know about Lindsey


Something we’re always striving towards in our business is to get to know our couples better.  I mean, out of all the vendors you’ll work with on your wedding day, it’s usually the photographer and videographer who you’ll be with the longest on one of the happiest days of your lives!  So we absolutely love it when a consultation goes on for an hour and a half, and we realize that we’ve just shared our life story with a couple we just met!  Or when an engagement session feels more like a double date with friends and a camera than a photo session!  Or when I get invited to attend the wedding shower of a bride we didn’t know a year earlier!  I mean, how fun is that?!  As much as we love knowing our couples, we definitely want y’all to get to know us as well.  So I’m taking the time today to share just a few things (outside of my love of photography) that you probably don’t know about me, Lindsey!

  1. I have such a love and respect for live theater. While growing up, I was super involved in theater wherever I could be. I was that dramatic little girl who put on little plays at home and later became even more enthralled by it in high school. I felt so alive on stage and lived for that rush you get just before walking out on stage to make your first entrance. I competed in One Act Play competitions all through high school and almost went on to major in theater in college. It’s still something I miss being a part of, so I love going to see live theater, it makes me so nostalgic. Currently my favorite Broadway show I’ve seen is the Lion King. Hands down.
  2. I taught Pre-K for two years. While I decided not to study theater in college, I did study elementary education and loved it. I taught Pre-K part-time for the first two years that Tyler and I were married before deciding that our business needed me to give 110% in order to continue to grow. It was such a difficult decision, and I don’t think it’ll really hit me until this August when I won’t be prepping my classroom. But needless to say, I’m super excited and know that the Lord will use my gifting no matter where I am!
  3. Coffee is my happy place. I love the smell of it, I love the taste of it and I love good conversation along with a good cup. Tyler just doesn’t understand.
  4. I’m a sucker for animals. I’m a big softie as it is, but when it comes to animals, my heart just melts! I grew up with cats (and the very best ones if I might add), so I’ve been more of a cat person most of my life. I’ve only just started to learn to love dogs. I love our beagle, Banjo, so much, and I’m pretty convinced we’ve found the cutest dog ever. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite things, and once Tyler figured this out when we were dating, he quickly took me to the Gainesville Zoo where I got to feed a giraffe! It was seriously the best thing ever.
  5. I moved here from New Jersey when I was twelve. I’m slowly accepting my new identity as a Texan (I hate to say), but I still feel particularly attached to the North because I absolutely adored so many things about my childhood there – like having FOUR incredibly distinct (and beautiful) seasons! I miss that every time I shoot a wedding in September, and it’s 95 degrees and my face is melting off. Just sayin.
  6. I’m allergic to soy and bees! I hate this because I LOVE edamame but can’t eat it anytime we go get sushi. I also can’t drink soy milk but really love how it tastes!
  7. I photographed my first wedding when I was 18. Wow. I hadn’t thought about that in a while..craziness! Time flies. Anyways, my interest in photography started in middle school and really blossomed in high school when my art teacher encouraged me to take the photography class. I fell in love with it even more, and pretty soon friends began asking me to do portraits for them. But I found my real passion after shooting my first wedding during the summer after my first year in college. I continued to hunger for more knowledge and began studying in any way I could..blogs..videos..books! Part of what I love about this job is that you get to keep growing, and I adore that!
  8. I LOVE a good bargain and finding hidden treasures. My mom trained me to hunt down a good deal. To wait out the sale. To shop thrifty. I love that feeling when you bought something for way cheaper than you could have elsewhere.
  9. However…I HATE clothes shopping. I do love hunting down a good deal but clothes shopping is the fastest way to wear me out. I think that’s when my ADD really goes in to high gear!
  10. I love our home group community. We attend The Village Church Denton and have been blessed immensely by our home group that meets on Tuesday nights. I look forward to it every week knowing I’ll be either challenged, encouraged or convicted by our time together…or usually all three! It’s such an amazing group of people and we feel so blessed to live life with them!

Stay tuned because Tyler’s post is coming soon too!