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Behind the Scenes | 2018

Looking back on the last year and celebrating all the amazing couples we got to serve is fun and always leaves our hearts feeling full of gratitude. Everyone’s willing to share their pretty photos, but we’re always up for a good laugh, so we’re showing you all the ridiculous behind the scenes shenanigans yet again! This year I’m not sure who has more embarrassing photos of them, Tyler or myself…haha you can be the judge!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned to be true, it’s that you’re never too old to have fun, and you should never take your job so seriously that you forget to smile and have a good time. Documenting the most important day of people’s lives is a big deal, and it can be really stressful at times. But we always try to remember why we love our job and to keep a sense of humor. This annual post always reminds us to laugh at the little things – like awkward light tests, and fake cake cuttings, and dad jokes. More than the ridiculous photos, we hope you see two people that LOVE their job! So here’s to another year of amazing couples, ridiculous outtakes and the joy that comes from laughing at ourselves!

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This wouldn’t be a true BTS post if we didn’t relive Tyler demonstrating how to pose to our brides. Take notes, ladies.

There’s the getting dressed shots.

The makeup shot.

He even showed his own sister how to properly strut the stairs at Baylor when we shot her college graduation photos this spring.

If you know Tyler at all, you know he’s a go-getter and a straight shooter. Both of these things make him super helpful on your wedding day. One of our brides needed champagne glasses, so he called down to the front desk and was on it!

You look good, babe. Are those hair clips??

And have I mentioned how awesome he is at carrying so much stuff for me?!

He’s also great at adjusting dresses, veils and wedding parties!

So good in fact that he maaaayyy have ripped his pants at the exact moment this photo was taken of him leaning over. That’s commitment, y’all! But thank God for a dark receptions and big camera bag to cover the hole in his pants the rest of the night!! Haha!

Finding the perfect hiding place for a proposal is always a highlight of our job. We kind of feel like ninjas every time, and it doesn’t get old!

In fact, we have been called photography ninjas!

Alex and Alli’s engagement at The Nasher was a blast!

If you’ve followed our other behind the scenes post, you know Tyler enjoys a good cake smash…haha, just kidding. He just likes to pretend he’s up to no good with the cake while we set the lights for the cake cutting! Don’t worry, no cakes were harmed in the process of these photos.

Sometimes I just can’t not smile, especially on a wedding day! If you know me though, that shouldn’t be any surprise, lol!

Now let me introduce you to Tyler’s stunt double…Nat. He shot with us a handful of times last year, and it was hilarious how much they looked alike, especially from behind. People would mix them up all the time..even me!

Take notes, y’all. Nat. Tyler.

Tyler has earned quite the reputation as my model stand in test subject.

Ninja photographer…or piano security guard?

Now that Tyler’s been a dad for over a year, he has a full arsenal of dad jokes to keep you laughing, and maybe even rolling your eyes??!

“Ok, Stephen, wanna hear a joke…”

And if your portraits start to get too mushy Tyler can jump in and remind you to leave room for Jesus like a true dad.

If you need help cutting your cake, we’ve got your back!

One of our biggest highlights of 2018 was shooting a wedding together that I was also a bridesmaid in! Kelly and Stephen trusted us completely, and it was the most fun day ever! Tyler was the real MVP though because he shot just about EVERYTHING, so that I could be in the moment!

If you’ve made it this far through the post, you have definitely earned the right to see our most embarrassing photos while shooting test shots on one another!

Bahaha I have no idea what he’s doing here!

Apparently I like to make this weird kiss-y face while Tyler’s setting the light?

Or cheese it up for the camera!

Tyler demonstrating proper shoulder tapping technique for the first look.

As well as the proper way to then react when you turn around.

Now demonstrating the proper way to give a toast.

Not Tyler, but Nat demonstrating proper ballroom dance technique.

Meanwhile, “Uhhh, I wasn’t doing anything.”

Rocking that camera sling!

Thank you again to all the amazing couples that chose us to document their wedding! We’re so excited for our 2019 couples!