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Behind the Scenes | 2017

We always start the year by looking back on the previous one, setting goals, and planning for the current year, but we’d be lying if we said we don’t look forward to this post all year long! After last year’s was such a hit, we knew we’d have to follow it up for a good laugh! Even William wasn’t exempt from the post – his silly behind the scenes moments are here too! 2017, which we’re calling¬†“the year of the bump,” was such a great year. I was pregnant for 8 out of the 12 months, so there’s a lot featuring my belly. Haha, maybe more than I’d like! We worked with 22 amazing couples and took two months off when William was born, which was such a blessing! So without further ado, I give to you a behind the scenes look at our year!

This was just one month before William was born! CRAZY! I still can’t believe I shot until 36 weeks and worked through most of the pregnancy! I couldn’t have done it without Tyler and all the help from our awesome second shooters!

This was at our last session before he was born! Little did we know he was gonna come early!

Last year, Tyler had entirely too much fun pretending to eat everyone’s cake. This year, my preggo self did.

Sometimes standing in for a light test gets boring….but if you’re Tyler, you almost always find a way to rock it.

I can’t for the life of me remember why Tyler was randomly standing in this field, haha! I think he was getting ready to do a veil toss?

I, on the other hand, apparently have a much shorter attention span while standing in for light tests.


“I’m pregnant, Tyler. I’ve gotta pee! Are you almost done?!”

“Is it time to eat yet?!”

“Hmm what do I want for lunch??”

Now let’s play a game. Can you find Waldo? I mean Tyler? Haha, we love getting in the middle of a crazy crowd for that perfect shot!

And caption contest. Go!

“I thought this was sweet tea. It’s definitely unsweet!”


…and we’re good

“Sometimes, in the middle of a reception, I just like to go outside, stare at the stars, and ponder life’s great mysteries.”

Meanwhile Tyler likes to act like he’s too cool for school.

“Back off, this is MY baby.”

“Can you still see me?” Yes, we can see you, haha!

“Uh, I didn’t do it, John did it!”

Apparently I like to scream while I work.

“Oh hey, how’d you get up there?”

Tyler did NOT want them to leave the boat apparently.

Why am I petting Leah?!

But more importantly why is Tyler sitting alone on a fence?!

We’re master group photo arrangers!

And Tyler of course was back in action as my go to veil ninja!

Tyler said he didn’t realize how serious he looks when he’s filming. Haha his arms do look kinda stiff!

We’re also master arrangers, dress fluffers, hair pinners, and dress train carriers.

Tyler added a new title to his job…smoke bomb specialist!

And this little lady, Farah, the kudu, definitely made an impression on 2017…or maybe just Tyler. She was feeling a little camera shy, so Tyler had to give her a little encouragement.

This year we’ve gone shotgun shooting with grooms, on “safaris” to see exotic animals like Farah above, shot on boats, worked out of state on several occasions, and even put together a styled shoot in New Mexico in less than two weeks!

It’s also hard to believe William is already 5 months old! In the fall, while he was still so tiny, he tagged along to a few e-sessions, and Tyler wore him! Tyler took care of him while I shot, and he was such a trooper! Our little man is so low maintenance, it barely felt like he was there!

Strong eyebrow game, right there.

Aaaand this one slays me! Does he not seriously look like an ELF BABY? I die!

Valerie and Kyle, one of our 2018 T+L Couples, even got to take a picture with William!

Thank you so much to all our 2017 couples for making it such an amazing year! I can’t tell you how many of y’all were asking me on wedding days how I was doing and if I needed water or a break – you’re seriously the sweetest!¬† Thank you for making our job the biggest blessing and the most fun! Y’all are what makes year after year so incredible!

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