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Utah Road Trip | Part 2

Woo! It’s time for part two of my Utah adventure! The second half of our trip was spent at Antelope Canyon, Arches National Park and Colorado! My favorite place of these was definitely Antelope Canyon, and I think you’ll definitely see why. We took a guided tour and quickly became the stragglers at the end of the group taking pictures! Oops! haha It was literally an incredible view every direction we looked, and we just wanted to take it all in! I couldn’t help but think — God made this, he obviously loves curves! haha All around it was an incredible experience, one that I’ll never forget! I hope you enjoy browsing the rest of my trip! Cheers to the next adventure!



Getting up before the sun was pretty much an every day thing, and the sunrises certainly did not disappoint, even for this night owl.


PC: Allison Davis


PC: Allison Davis


And now for a series I like to call… Allison on tall rocks.


One night we went out to the desert and took some portraits of each other. Surprised? I know you’re probably not!


PC: Allison Davis


PC: Allison Davis


PC: Allison Davis


And this my friends is the famous Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, Utah. It’s an incredible sight to see, and an equally insane hike. And by insane, I mean I didn’t think I was going to survive it! It was rough, almost entirely straight uphill at times. But when we got to the top, it was literally the most rewarding thing. I felt so accomplished and then got to enjoy an incredible sunset. It was the perfect way to end the day.


After an amazing time in Utah, we began our trek home, but not before stopping in Colorado to stay with Maggie’s grandma.


What struck me the most about Colorado was the COLORS! It’s called “Colorful Colorado” and it did not disappoint! I was quickly obsessed.


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