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Thankful for What We Do


Wow, October was such a blur, and it’s hard to believe we’re already almost to the end of November. It’s crazy how this time of year always seems to fly by! Lately we’ve been doing our fair share of editing – catching up on weddings, engagement sessions, and lots of family and Christmas card sessions. But instead of letting ourselves drown in busy-ness, we wanted to intentionally slow down and share just a few of the many things we’re thankful for about this amazing business that we get to call our job!

  1. We’re thankful we don’t have a commute to work with rush hour traffic. HALLELUJAH! We drive to Dallas about 2-3 times per week as it is, but I know we’d lose our minds if it was daily and always during the busy commute!
  2. We’re thankful we get to meet the most amazing people! Our clients are the best and we know for a fact that Dallas-Fort Worth has the coolest wedding vendors. They’re some of our best friends, and we’ve found so much community there!
  3. We’re thankful that some days, working in pajamas is acceptable!
  4. We’re thankful that working from home gives us a lot of freedom in our workday and building our schedule. If we want to spend time with family, we’re usually free to do so throughout the week.
  5. We’re thankful we get to work together! This one may seem obvious to some, and absolutely strange to others, but really it is a blessing. It has its challenges and definitely requires a lot of work, but it’s caused us to grow a lot in our marriage in the best way possible.
  6. We’re thankful that we’re passionate about what we do. Not everyone can say that about their job, so we totally value that. Capturing sweet memories for our clients is so rewarding, and sometimes we can’t believe we really get to do this for a living! There’s so much joy in getting to serve people like we do!
  7. We’re thankful that running our own business has taught us so much about discipline, creativity, balance, and well the list goes on! We love how it’s stretched us in so many areas and continues to grow us.
  8. We’re thankful no two weddings are alike. Every one of our couples is unique, and each weekend is something new and fun!
  9. We’re thankful for every couple that has trusted us to capture their wedding. It’s such an honor!

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!