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Our Family Feud Audition And More…

In case you haven’t heard it yet, we’ll just break it to you – we’re pregnant! It has been so fun to finally share the news, because it’s felt like we’ve been holding in the biggest secret ever! We found out in mid December and then told our families on Christmas!

We knew that if we told them on Christmas day they would expect an announcement while opening presents, so we had to come up with something surprising and unexpected. We set up Tyler’s family by telling them we were filming an audition for Family Feud.  Earlier in the year we talked about wanting to audition, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary to them at all, and it was actually their idea to play in the first place!  The Burns family is known for loving “productions” and big surprises, so in a true Burns fashion, we caught them completely off guard! After one normal round, we had it planned out that Tyler’s mom and dad would be squaring off for the survey question – and we had the perfect one for them! Check out the video to see how it went!

With the Marette family, we played Telestrations and sent the secret message around in the form of my due date. They didn’t get the significance of the date at first, so we definitely had a good laugh.

Yesterday was my first appointment with my midwife, Donnellyn, at All About Babies! I told her I finally feel pregnant because I got to go to an appointment! We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, and it was amazing! Nothing compares to it!


We’ve only been a few times, and already we’ve been SO impressed with how they treat their clients like family. We’re so excited to be working with Donnellyn and the team there!

And because I know you probably have a million questions for us, here’s a few to keep you informed!

When are you due? I’m currently at 12 weeks and due August 18th.

Will you find out the gender? Yes! We are counting down the days until we find out! We’re planning on doing a fun reveal with our friends and family.

Do we have names picked out? We’ve started talking about names, but haven’t landed on one yet. This will be easier once we know the gender.

Have you been sick? I’ve been so thankful to say that for the most part I’ve been feeling great! I had a little bit of morning sickness the past few weeks, but nothing too terrible. And honestly, I was super nervous about what morning sickness would be like! Tyler’s joked that already I’ve experienced so many pregnancy symptoms – from preggo brain, to cravings, to morning sickness.

What have you been craving? I’ve quickly learned that every day of pregnancy is a new adventure. Some days I love a certain type of food, and other days I couldn’t hate it more. But I’ve been loving avocados and cereal a whole lot lately.

Are you still shooting weddings? Yes! We have a busy wedding season ahead and will continue to book for summer and fall 2017. Thankfully August is a slow part of the wedding season anyways, so it’s a perfect time to have a baby for us!

We’ve been so overwhelmed and overjoyed by all the love from everyone, so thank you for sharing in this exciting season with us!

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