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Nicole + Daniel | Engagement Session at Arbor Hills | Plano TX


These two just make my heart happy. We photographed their proposal way back in December, and that was such a joy to be there for! They were originally planning their wedding for May of 2016, but with the busy-ness of school and life, they decided to just move it up to August! Nicole is a good friend of Tyler’s from high school and has quickly become a friend of mine as well. When she enters a room, her smile radiates, and when she’s with Daniel, she absolutely glows. Daniel is quiet but so gentle and kind towards Nicole. It’s hard to describe how perfect these two are together, but I feel like these photos say everything. They’re filled with so much joy..and let me tell you, these two are troopers, it was so hot when we took these! We couldn’t be more thrilled for this sweet sweet couple and are so stoked for their wedding this week at Hidden Springs! You can bet I’m going to be on that dance floor!

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