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Meet Banjo the Beagle


In honor of Banjo’s “Banjoversary”, the anniversary of his adoption, as we call it, we thought it would be about time we shared more about him here on the blog! He’s been in our family now for three years, and we’ve loved every minute of it! He has the perfect temperament, and we adore having him hang out with us in our home office. He’s 100% beagle, which means he’s 100% stubborn, but also 100% cuteness. You may never get to meet Banjo in person, but he certainly deserves an introduction because he is definitely a part of our family!

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This is the day we adopted Banjo three years ago! We were only newlyweds married 6 months, we look like babies! He was rescued from Texas A&M’s vet school. He was even tatted up with Var 1 (variable one) on one his ears! We adopted him from a friend’s family that had rescued him – we’d already fallen in love with him from their posts about him. He had such a sweet temperament but wasn’t sure about men in general. He’s still a bit unsure about strangers sometimes, but he’s come a long way in warming up to new people now!


This is from our first Christmas card with Banjo. He was NOT into having his photo all. We’ve made some progress since then!


Photo Jun 27, 3 06 31 PM

Banjo and I are pros at selfies in the car while waiting for Daddy.



We LOVE to take Banjo camping with us, and he loves it too – well except the car rides getting there, he could live without those! The outdoors are his favorite, but he basically just loves being anywhere that we are! Speaking of which, he’s got a bad case of separation anxiety, and it’s not just when we’re camping – if one of us leaves the house for an errand, he’ll be at attention the entire time at the window, sad and waiting for them to return!


Poor Banjo, struggling with being away from us for 5 minutes.


But then when we return…he LOSES his mind!! Haha! This picture is blurry but so hilariously accurate.

Banjo also LOVES his red Santa squeak toy. We got it for him for Christmas two years ago, and it’s the only toy he hasn’t tried to destroy! And he goes NUTS for a classic tennis ball! He practically frolics through the house with it! But he sure is a sneaky beagle! He will do ANYTHING to get a dryer sheet or sock to play with! We’ve caught him red handed so many times digging his nose in a laundry basket to find one!


The last three years have been so much fun, and we can hardly imagine them without him! Happy adoption day, Banjo, you make life so much fun!

You can see more of Banjo on Instagram with his hashtag #banjothebeagle!

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