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Mackenzie + Scott | Proposal at The Dallas Arboretum | Dallas, TX


We first met Mackenzie and Scott at Leksi and Thomas’s wedding two years ago! Scott was Thomas’s best man, so when he inquired about his proposal, we were so pumped! Scott put so much planning and attention into this evening, and we were eating it up! His plan was to tell her that they were attending a “work dinner party” at the Arboretum where they’d be socializing with his clients who are mainly doctors and surgeons. Scott even rented out the Arboretum after hours to further support his story. When they checked in at the front gate, the attendant asked for their names off the “guest list.” Side note: OUR names were even on then when WE checked in – seriously, loved it! Then shortly after they walked in, they came across Tyler, the “event photographer,” who asked to take their picture. Mackenzie continued to be completely unsuspecting! After that, Scott led Mackenzie to the Women’s Garden with the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the lake and proposed on top of the stairs! Shortly after, he turned her around to reveal their families hiding around the corner, another total surprise! We took some freshly engaged photos (my favorite!), and then they celebrated with champagne with the family! Such a sweet proposal and totally way more fun than a dinner party of doctors! Haha! ;)

We loved celebrating with these two, and thank you so much for having us capture this moment for y’all, Scott!


Scott and Mackenzie posing for the “event photo.” Scott doesn’t even look nervous, and Mackenzie doesn’t know what’s coming!


After the initial excitement with their families, we snuck these two away for some freshly engaged photos!


Mackenzie’s sister lives out of the country, so naturally a FaceTime call was in order to share the exciting news!


Congrats Scott and Mackenzie! We couldn’t be more excited for y’all!

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