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J.K. + Franckelle // 6.4.2014

We were working in our home office the other day when the phone rang. Tyler answered a call from J.K. looking for a photographer up here in Denton. A minute into the conversation, he looks at me and says, “start packing the camera bags!”  The conversation apparently went something like this…

“Yes, well, we need a photographer *mumble* two hours.” – J.K.

“Wait, did you say for two hours or in two hours?” – Tyler

Within two hours” came the response, “we’re getting married on Carroll in 30 minutes. Can you photograph it?”

Yep. You read that right. Of course we were stoked to be a part of such a spontaneous wedding, so after some quick decision making we said YES, and were headed out the door not 10 minutes later!

These two certainly didn’t disappoint. After meeting at the courthouse, we barely had time to say hello before the judge ushered us all in and BAM!, just like that, they were married! Afterwards, they explained that they have known each other for 11 years, so for them it was really just a formality. They met online (back in the days of AIM) by complete chance and ended up living in the same metroplex years later just by chance. A true story of God’s divine intervention for these two.

We had a blast taking pictures with them – their giddy excitement was so contagious! We love getting to photograph couples that have that kind of energy.


Afterwards we headed up to the square in Denton.  Because what courthouse wedding is complete without the fabulous Denton Square Courthouse?!


Doesn’t Franckelle look amazing? She totally rocked that dress!


J.K. and Franckelle, we wish you two the very best! Thank you so much for allowing us to document your love!