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Introducing The Bridal Guide!


Over the past two months we’ve been working on a super special project for our couples that we’re so BEYOND excited about! Literally. I may have frolicked around the house giddy when it was done! It finally arrived in the mail last week, and we’re stoked to share it! Drum roll please. Introducing…The Tyler + Lindsey Bridal Guide!

Throughout the client experience, we’ve found that there’s just so much information that we want our clients to know – so much that helps make their Wedding Experience and season of engagement the best it can be! We feel strongly about educating our clients so that they can make the best decisions possible when it comes to their photos and film. We want to be able to deliver the same consistent experience and education to all of our clients, so we’re STOKED that this will allow us to do just that!

The Bridal Guide is a magazine that we’ve created to walk our couples through the Wedding Experience and help them through their engagement process! From preparing for your engagement session, to creating a great timeline, to designing and ordering your wedding album after the wedding, it covers so much! This edition is for our photography, and photography + cinematography couples, and we’ll be working on a special edition for our cinema couples very soon! It’s totally gorgeous, but more importantly we’re excited about how much information it’s stocked full of – 90 pages, y’all! So take a look and get excited, T+L Couples, because this is all for y’all! We can’t wait to get it in your hands!

Use the hashtag #tnlcouple and #tnlbridalguide to share your excitement when you get yours!

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