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Haley + Matt // adventurous love

Haley and Matt are seriously such a sweet couple. They are high school sweethearts that we just can’t get enough of! Matt is actually the brother of my best friend from high school, Kelly, so the Nickells already had a special plane in my heart. We love their family! So when these two got engaged, I was so delighted when we learned that we would have the honor of photographing and filming their wedding.

We had a blast exploring the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for their session! We’re so excited for their August wedding, which is just around the corner now! Dang, where has the summer gone, people?!   haleymattblog_0090 haleymattblog_0108haleymattblog_0103haleymattblog_0096haleymattblog_0117haleymattblog_0119haleymattblog_0095haleymattblog_0104haleymattblog_0092haleymattblog_0100haleymattblog_0115haleymattblog_0098haleymattblog_0091haleymattblog_0107haleymattblog_0109haleymattblog_0099haleymattblog_0112haleymattblog_0118haleymattblog_0114haleymattblog_0097haleymattblog_0101haleymattblog_0105haleymattblog_0094haleymattblog_0113haleymattblog_0093