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Gina + Austin | Engagement Session at Arlington Hall & Lee Park | Dallas TX

Since Gina and Austin live in Midland, we held their consultation over Skype, but we could immediately tell how fun these two were. They brought so much fun-loving energy, that I was smiling and laughing along with them the whole time! I’m CONVINCED that we have the coolest couples!

I think one of the first things out of my mouth was OH MY GOSH THAT SKIRT! I LOVE IT! Gina totally brought her A-game with such a classy feminine look. I was seriously impressed. And we can’t exclude Austin because he totally rocked his look too! These two make the perfect pair and we seriously cannot wait for the October wedding at Austin’s family’s ranch!



I think these dancing photos are some of my favorites!  These two were having a blast, and I LOVE it when couples come ready to have fun!