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Elise + Jackson | Dallas Proposal Photography at the Dallas Arboretum


It was a beautiful sunny day at The Arboretum – perfect for a proposal! I laugh now, but as we were walking in, I told Tyler, “We’ve done over a dozen proposals. It’s never happened before, but what if another proposal interfered with our groom’s plan?!” We laughed it off and thought, wow, that really COULD happen! We knew that Jackson was walking in with Elise, and as we were walking to the Poetry Garden, we started seeing signs that were intentionally directed at a girl wondering on her own, and sure enough there was another photographer sitting on the bench waiting for the guy to arrive! It all worked out though, and the first couple ended up leaving in just enough time that we didn’t have to stall Jackson. Tyler had come up with a great plan though – Elise thought she was there for a fundraising event with him, so Tyler was going to tell them the event was running behind, and “the staff needed a few more moments, so they should explore the gardens while they waited.”

From the groom: “I had Elise’s sister in law, Lauren, tell Elise that me and her were invited to a fundraiser at the Arboretum for Elise’s niece, Blake. It was a “cocktail attire” event, so we were dressed nice and all. Anyways we get to the Arboretum, and I’m about to throw up I’m so nervous, and we walked in and started walking toward the “fundraiser.” I walked under the arch and told Elise “I know when you woke up today you thought it was just another Wednesday but…I got news for you- it’s not. I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask you for a very very long time……” and then the rest was history. She nearly collapsed when she realized I wasn’t joking!”

Elise was so caught off guard and her reaction was seriously the sweetest. Their joy was through the roof and made it so much fun to capture them together! Afterwards Jackson surprised Elise with their closest family members waiting for them at a nearby restaurant.


I LOVE this moment Tyler captured!


Elise and Jackson, we are so excited for you two! It was such a joy to capture this moment for y’all, and we hope you two had a blast celebrating!

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