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Edy + Christina | Proposal at Dallas Arboretum | Dallas, TX


I’m getting giddy just thinking about these two all over again! Over the weekend we had the joy of capturing their proposal at the Dallas Arboretum. While we were waiting, we got to talk to Edy for a while, and we loved getting to hear their story! He’s such a sweet guy and amidst all his nervous excitement, you could tell how much he adores Christina. She and Edy have been dating since high school, and they’ve been long distance for a while. Edy lives in Philadelphia and flew in without telling Christina. As far as Christina knew, she was just tagging along with her brother and his wife and daughter for a “family portrait session.” She had just gotten her hair done and was picture ready. Always a good call, gentlemen. ;) Under this guise, we were waiting to meet her at the Arboretum when her brother texted that he was hung up changing a diaper and would be there in minute. So while we were “waiting on her brother,” Edy sneaked in and surprised her from around the corner. Seeing her reaction when she saw him, on top of realizing “THIS IS MY ENGAGEMENT MOMENT!”, was too perfect! So we’re so excited to share their story today on the blog to say the least!


I just love this shot Tyler captured from overhead. Look at that sweet tear rolling down her cheek.


And then it hits…the you’ve been lying moment! Hahah we always love this part!


These two are just beyond sweet!


Congrats Edy and Christina! We couldn’t be more excited for y’all!

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