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Creative Ideas For a Memorable Exit


This is a common question we get asked a lot, so I thought it’d be the perfect chance to put together a post! What should you do for your grand exit?

Sparklers are by far the most popular that we see at weddings here in Texas, and we love them, but there’s so many options if you want something else! If sparklers suit your fancy, then we highly recommend getting the longer ones. They’ll burn longer to allow plenty of time for them to be lit before you run out. Also, have a bridesmaid or groomsman tell everyone to hold them up, not out. This saves your poor photographer and yourselves from getting potentially burnt! ;)

We must also mention that you should always check your venue’s policy, because some won’t allow sparklers or things that inherently leave a mess. With that in mind, most of these are very mess friendly! ;) When it comes to exits, we love all things colorful, loud and fun…and I think your guests would agree! So read on to see a few ideas to get your creative juices going!

Incorporate your child like side with playful bubbles! It’s simple, cheap and just plain cute! These can be purchased in bulk at your local party supply store or online at Amazon or Etsy!

We attended a wedding as guests where we did this, and gosh, it was so cute! You can send the balloons home with the guests after, or you can turn it into a balloon release! Bonus points if you have everyone surround you and kiss before they release them! ;)

Glow sticks
It’s like being sent off in a rave…okay, maybe not really. But it sure does look cool and guests have a blast with it!

These are fun, yet classic in every way. If your venue doesn’t mind a little mess, this is a classic!

You can choose from the explosive confetti poppers at your local party story, or Etsy has an insanely cute selections of confetti in every shape or color your heart could desire. We recommend confetti wands since they’re easy for anyone to hold, dispense quickly, and look amazing!

Lanterns give such a magical feel, and they’re clean up friendly! We found some great ones that we recommend here!

Custom paper airplanes
Doesn’t that sound fun? This may be an even better idea for a travel themed wedding or if you just want something different!

Happy planning!

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