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Connect Retreat

Tyler and I have been dying to share about our trip to Connect Retreat from earlier this month! It’s hard to find where to begin because it was an amazing trip in such a beautiful place – Winshape Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia! The retreat is specifically tailored to couples that work together doing photography and/or videography that love the Lord – so basically, it had our names written all over it!  In just four short days, the Lord taught us so much. Here’s a quick recap of our experience with the top 5 things we learned:

  1. Resting well is just as important as working hard! Making time to get away from the office allows us to better serve and love our clients when we’re with them! For example, I will be making it a point to pick up calligraphy as a new hobby – a hobby with no expectation of becoming a form of income, just for the pure joy of learning and exploring something new!
  2. Knowing each others strengths and acknowledging them should be a vital part of delegating roles within our business. Tyler and I were reminded how much we compliment each other and were able to make adjustments in our business that allow our talents to shine. For example – Tyler put together this AMAZING blog! I on the other hand, wouldn’t know where to start but I am definitely enjoying writing here.
  3. Even though it’s not directly related to Christian mission work such as going to Africa or working in a church, our business can still be a form of ministry. Tyler and I felt particularly challenged to write a mission statement for our business that keeps us aligned with our ultimate goal of serving and loving those whom we are blessed to call our clients.
  4. We were reminded that life is meant to be lived in community. Getting to meet other believers and photographers, who fight the same battles we do day in and day out, was so encouraging. Tyler says it was like our very own “staff retreat”. It was such an edifying experience, and we are definitely looking forward to attending next year!
  5. Being able to communicate well is such an important part of marriage that in my opinion becomes even more important when you work together.  We realized we needed a specific structured way for us to give feedback to each other, and it’s already helped so much!

The trip was truly an amazing experience – so refreshing and so challenging! We cannot wait to go back next year! We didn’t take a lot of pictures because the goal was to unplug but here’s a few of our favorites!

– Lindsey



Like I said, the retreat center was absolutely gorgeous.ConnectBlog_0004ConnectBlog_0011

One of the days we ventured down to an old mill that was on the retreat grounds.

ConnectBlog_0009ConnectBlog_0010 ConnectBlog_0012ConnectBlog_0014

Jeff and Julia Woods talked about what the Lord has taught them through their many years of experience!ConnectBlog_0015

Michael & Katelyn Alsop spoke on balancing work with life, and how your career can also be your ministry.ConnectBlog_0017

Zach and Jody Gray talked about the pursuit of success and what we find our identity in.ConnectBlog_0016

Our wonderful small group.ConnectBlog_0018


And for all you Walking Dead fans out there. We’re HOOKED. And since we knew it was filmed in Atlanta, we spent the afternoon of the last day exploring shooting locations from the show. Does anyone recognize these places?

ConnectBlog_0020 ConnectBlog_0019