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Charlton + Meredith | Proposal at Flippen Park, Dallas, TX


Charlton is one of Tyler’s closest friends from high school, so when he called us and explained that he wanted us to photograph his proposal, we were so excited! Well, Charlton and I haven’t kept in touch lately, so truthfully when he called and said he wanted us to photograph his proposal, I told him he had some splainin’ to do to catch me up!

Anyways, they and their friends started their own company together when they were teenagers, but that’s a story for another day! In some ways Charlton has felt like a little brother to us because they’re three years apart, so getting to be a part of his proposal was incredibly special! This was the first time we met Meredith, and we could tell right away how perfect these two are together! The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect even though the forecast had lots of rain, and Flippen Park made for such a gorgeous and romantic backdrop for their engagement! We had a lot of fun sneaking around hiding, I was crouched down in a flower bed and Tyler was hiding in a bush too! Gotta love it – proposals add so much adventure to our job! Afterwards we took some “just engaged” portraits, and these two could not stop smiling, I was totally eating it up! We are so excited for these two lovebirds, and are thrilled to share their story on the blog today!



Charlton made Meredith a book featuring all the milestones in their relationship, and it was totally precious! Especially watching her face as she waited for what was clearly coming at the end!



Here are some of the sweet milestones Charlton put in the book!


Totally obsessed with these ring shots Tyler captured!



Oh man! I love this one! All that excitement usually fully hits a few minutes later!


“Just engaged” photos are totally my favorite right up there with “just married” portraits! There’s so much natural energy – it’s contagious, and you can’t help but smile!


These two were such naturals in front of the camera!


Congrats Meredith and Charlton, we could not be more excited for y’all!

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