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Rebecca | Bridal Session at Hickory Street Annex | Dallas TX

Rebecca is now Mrs. Cocchiola so we’re so excited to share her bridals! Shooting at Hickory Street Annex is one of our favorite things, not only because we got married there, but because light just floods in from all the windows and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Then you add in a gorgeous bride, and BAM. Perfection. Rebecca totally rocked out her session, and quickly learned that we wereREAD MORE

Emily | Bridal Session
at Arlington Hall, Dallas TX

Emily got married at Hidden Pines Chapel earlier this month, and their wedding can be seen here! Emily is such a natural beauty and always a joy to be around. I cannot get over her timeless beauty…and that smile! She simply has the best smile, you’ll see what I mean! We had a blast taking these photos with Emily and her mom at Arlington Hall! I’m not gonna lie though, it feltREAD MORE

Nicole | Bridal Session at Breckenridge Park | Richardson TX

Dreamy. Absolutely dreamy. Those are the words that I think of to describe Nicole’s bridal session. She glowed in every way possible! Nicole was willing to wake up early to beat the heat and work some golden morning light and boy, did it pay off! Special shout out to Mellie, her HMU artist for getting her ready in the early early AM! Nothing excites this photographer more than incredibleREAD MORE

Gina | Bridal Session at Hotel ZaZa | Dallas TX

Gina is one of the most genuine people I think I’ve met. She’s so sincere and caring – it’s impossible not to like her instantly! Now that she’s a Mrs. I can finally show off her stunning bridals taken at Hotel Zaza! Even though the weather was dreary and rainy, we were able to shoot inside one of Zaza’s amazing suites and get a preview of the swanky hotel! READ MORE