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Bumpdate #1: Moving, Banjo’s Adventure & Feeling the First Kicks

I’m sad this is just now my first update post, oops! But I’ve been wanting to journal through this pregnancy, so I thought it’d be fun to do weekly or bi-monthly “bumpdates”. Y’all, I thought I had come up with that name on my own and was so excited. Then I got online and saw it was a thing. Oh well. I thought of it myself. I’m officially in the 2nd trimester and feeling great. The morning sickness wasn’t too bad, but my energy level was super low. Here’s the latest news, and I certainly plan on keeping this up!


Gender: We don’t know yet but we find out at 20 weeks – this mama is counting down the days!

Maternity clothes: Yes and no. I’m wearing some maternity leggings because the second my jeans started getting uncomfortable, I was all about the leggings! I have a few cute tops I inherited from my sister, and I’ve noticed that when I wear maternity stuff it really accentuates the bump. If I just wear my normal looser tops, I look 12 weeks, but if I put on leggings and a maternity top, I suddenly look like 25 weeks.

Loving: Leggings! Jeans are no longer comfortable, so I feel like I’ve been living in leggings!

Loathing: The emotional ups and downs. I literally went from laughing at the Bachelor, to sobbing when he “chose the wrong girl,” and I usually ONLY make fun of the Bachelor! Tyler walked in and I was sobbing, “He’s not going to be happy with her!”

Movement: I’d been starting to wonder if I was feeling movement, and then the other day I was FOR SURE feeling a lot of movement!! It’s pretty neat to have a pretty consistent reminder that there’s a little human in there now!

Symptoms: Thankfully no preggo brain instances have struck lately, but I’ve definitely been hormonal and emotional. Tyler’s handled me with such grace, Lord bless that man. I haven’t had any super weird or strong cravings yet either, so we’ll see how that changes!

Best part of the week: Moving into our new house has definitely been the most exciting part of the week! Baby Burns officially has a room for a nursery now, and I’m already starting to picture life with the three of us here. I got super sentimental when our apartment was finally empty, we and turned in our keys. We’ve spent the first four years of our marriage there, so there were definitely some tears shed when we left for the last time.

Worst part of the week: When some random lady at a wedding came up and touched my stomach and told me how precious it was. This may sound weird to be the worst part of the week, but she basically assumed that I was pregnant and not fat, and at this point, you should never assume anything. Also, on a non-pregnancy related note, the worst part was definitely when Banjo ran away. We were absolutely devastated. I’m already an emotional person and my heart just couldn’t even handle the thought of losing him. Good news though, someone found him and he is home! It’s safe to say I never want to experience that again!

Missing most: I don’t think I’m missing much at this point, I’ve been feeling great and my energy is back!

Can’t wait for: The ultrasound later this month and our gender reveal party! It still feels so far away, but I’m so excited to know and get started on the nursery!

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