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Bumpdate #4: Starting on the Nursery


It’s hard to believe this weekend will be Fourth of July! Something about hitting 30 weeks has really felt like it’s sped everything up – every week feels like just two days have passed! I’m officially in the third trimester at 32 weeks, and I’ve seen a noticeable difference from the second trimester. My energy is a little lower, I’m not sleeping as well, and I’ve been a lot more moody – Tyler’s been a trooper though. Living with a pregnant woman in the summer is not for the faint of heart! ;)

We’ve started our childbirth class, and that’s making it feel even more real for sure! I’ve been anxious to get the nursery set up, and we finally had a free Saturday where Tyler could assemble everything. We decided to go with a camping/adventure theme for his nursery, because we’re determined to make this kid like camping as much as we do! ;) I’m considering building a mini tee-pee to go in his room, so we’ll see if that DIY project pans out.

I only have TWO more weddings before we take off on “maternity leave,” and then I’m sure I’ll be nesting even more hard core! I somehow managed to get out of a bump photo for this post, but the next will have plenty from my maternity photos!

Maternity clothes: They’ve grown on me but I definitely still miss my full wardrobe. I have one particular maxi dress that is so cozy and lightweight that I love wearing. I wish I could wear it to every wedding!

All the amazing hand me downs my sister gave me! This is the first time in my life as the little sister I’ve adored the idea of hand me downs!

Feeling baby boy jump around and being able to distinguish more of his body has been super precious.

Being told that I’m glowing. I don’t mind how I look as much as I thought I would, in fact, I do feel really beautiful! :)

Loathing: All the feels. Pregnancy hormones are no joke, and I’ve been experiencing my fair share of them. I’m tired of crying for no reason, or being mad about being sad about being mad.

Movement: Baby boy is definitely moving, and it’s been fun because sometimes we can tell when it’s a foot, his butt, or his back when we touch my belly.

Symptoms/Cravings: I finally have had a very specific craving!! I have been crazy obsessed with watermelon, and one night I ate HALF of an entire watermelon! I guess I can be thankful it’s healthy, right?! Haha.

Best part of the week: Getting the nursery partially set up…obviously! :)

Worst part of the week: Having to reschedule our maternity session due to weather for the second time was a serious bummer. Hopefully the rain will hold off this Friday, and we’ll finally get to take them!

Missing most: I realllllyyyy miss sleeping on my belly lately. It’s been taking me so much longer to fall asleep and then gravity tells me it’s easier to just stay in bed when it’s time to get up. I also have been missing running. I was just starting to really enjoy running right before I got pregnant but haven’t been able to keep it up because it got too uncomfortable. Sushi also sounds amazing…and cereal. Man, do I miss cereal.

Can’t wait for: My maternity session later this week and our first shower next week! We’re going to the beautiful Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma for our session, and I cannot wait!!

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