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Bumpdate #3: Connect Retreat, Registering, & Mother’s Day

Connect_Retreat_201727Special thanks to Kelsey & Nate for capturing these photos of us at Connect Retreat!

I think I’m noticing a theme here for sure – I’m still just as amazed at how quickly the time is flying! I’m currently 27 weeks, and the second trimester is seriously where it’s at y’all! As good as it’s going, it’s making me nervous for the third trimester. With summer pretty much here, I’m already 20 degrees warmer than everyone else, so I’m not looking forward to what will probably be the hottest summer of my life.

Maternity clothes: I think we can skip this one from now on, it’s pretty obvious I’m in maternity clothes now! But I have been loving the cute dresses I got for my maternity session from Pink Blush!

Loving: I’ve got several for this one lately…

Not having to carry a single bag on wedding days. :) :)

Chocolate milk is my JAM lately. I wish I could have West Oak’s ON TAP at the house. But let’s be honest, that’s not a pregnancy thing, that’s a #lifegoal!

My chiropractor. She’s amazing and I always walk out of there feeling taller and looser! I wish I could see her after every wedding!

My wedge pregnancy pillow. BEST THING EVER. It’s so much better than those giant pregnancy pillows and it helps me feel like I’m sleeping on my tummy. I’m pretty sure I tell Tyler once a day how much I love my pillow.

Baby boy’s hiccups. I seriously melt every time, it’s the cutest thing. He’s been getting them a few times a week!

Loathing:  The question “Do you have a name?” It feels like we get asked that at least once a day. The great name hunt is in full force, but we just haven’t landed on the right one yet, and we’re not one of those couples that’s had a running list since we started dating, haha. I’m antsy to find the right one, so I definitely don’t want to just settle on any name.

Movement: Baby boy has been sweet enough to let me sleep without moving too much, but during the day I feel a lot of sweet little kicks. He also seems to get the hiccups a lot which I love.

Symptoms/Cravings: I definitely expected to be craving everything and anything bad because that’s what I assumed pregnancy would be like. I feel really grateful that that hasn’t been the case for me. Honestly I haven’t craved anything specific or bizarre yet, so maybe that comes later? Haha we have to see. I will say though that I’ve tried hard to eat fish multiple times, and it hasn’t sat well with me. I thought maybe it was just a first trimester thing, but now it’s become a pregnancy thing.

Best part of the week: It’s hard to just pick one thing! Connect Retreat was a few weeks ago, and we had a blast in Georgia at our favorite time of the year. It was crazy thinking that next year we’ll be leaving behind a little 8 month old to attend! We also have finished our baby registry, which was a lot of fun! The staff at Buy Buy Baby were SO helpful and made it a lot less overwhelming than I expected! We also went to Ikea and registered there as well – isn’t it about time they did registries?! We spent over three hours there, which probably was too much walking for my pregnant-self, but it was so worth it! We also spent a full day shopping on Mother’s Day and came home with the crib, a dresser and a rug for baby’s room!!

Worst part of the week: The drunk girl in the bathroom at a wedding that told me I looked like I was “ABOUT TO POP!” People are crazy, y’all. And rude. And then when they’re drunk it’s a whole other story. I came out of the bathroom crying to Tyler, and he calmed me down and made me laugh after I saw her looking like a fool on the dance floor. He’s the best. :)

The other thing that stank was not being able to do the high ropes at Connect Retreat. This was our fourth year to go, so we’ve already done a lot of the “experiential activities.” Every year I’ve always looked over at the high ropes course and thought of how fun it’d be. This was the first year they offered the high ropes course to couples, but you can’t be preggo! I was so bummed!

Missing most: In the first trimester, I wasn’t as in to coffee but now I’m officially missing it hardcore! We do a lot of consults and meetings over coffee, so lately it’s been especially hard to turn it down or get decaf. I also used to eat cereal a lot, but in an effort to be healthier, have cut that out and really miss my Special K!

Can’t wait for: My maternity session!! At first I didn’t want one because I was nervous about feeling like a whale, but I’ve actually never felt more beautiful than while pregnant! I’m looking forward to our session in a few weeks – my sweet friend and fellow photographer Elisabeth Carol is taking them for us! <3


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