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Annie + Clayton | Half Marathon Proposal Story, Dallas TX


Proposals are seriously one of our absolute favorite things! We’ve down almost 10 now, and each time we they’re such an exhilarating rush of adrenaline! And y’all, there’s just so much that we loved about this one in particular. Clayton is the brother of one of our dear friends, Lindsey, and came to us so excited, and when we heard his plan we were JUST as pumped! The first thing you need to know is that Clayton is not a runner. He’ll tell you this himself! He specifically started training with Annie for this half marathon with the intent of proposing! Talk about commitment!

So early Sunday morning, Tyler and I arrived and camouflaged ourselves into the crowd of runners and onlookers. After finding them in the crowd, (we maaay have felt like special agents looking for their guy) we snuck around and captured them at a few mile markers throughout the race…


I love how excited Annie looks throughout, and Clayton was a total beast for crushing those 13.1 miles!


This moment right here was too good not to include! When we say sneaking around, we LITERALLY meant sneaking around. We had to hide and shoot through our car because there weren’t enough spectators to hide in!


These signs were in the final stretch of the race leading up the finish line!


Talk about the best reaction ever!


Annie somehow managed to be just as adorable after running 13.1 miles!


Congrats Annie and Clayton! We couldn’t be more excited for y’all!

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